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In the USA there are a lot of people who sometimes take a chance. Gambling is a fun activity for the majority of these people. A piece of entertainment that they can enjoy. In addition to recreational players, there are also people where the game is no longer a game. For this group of gamblers, gambling is no longer fun and has since taken over daily life. We have some tips for this group of people to stop gambling or to keep playing behavior under control.


There are players who would like to continue gambling, but who can still use some support. The player knows that he / she likes the game very much, but it is not yet a problem. There is nothing wrong with that, provided you adhere to some agreements when it comes to your gambling behavior. You don't want it to get out of hand.

By gambling responsibly you do not risk your life.

By following the tips below you ensure that you keep your playing behavior under control.

Only play with money you can miss;

Determine what you can lose and don't go over it;

Do not play when you have used alcohol or another stimulant;

Don't play when you're not feeling well;

Keeping these points in mind allows you to gamble without harming you. If you are unable to do this, you can ask for help, because there may be a problem.

Credit card out the door


You are not suddenly addicted to gambling. It is a gradual process whereby you start gambling more and more. You get into a sort of intoxicated by gambling and you start betting more and more money. You also have the thought that someday you will earn back your loss. Your private life goes under. You can only think about gambling and try to get out of agreements to be able to gamble. Losing all your money does not stop you from stopping. In the long run you end up in a vicious circle that you can no longer get out of. You are a gambling addict! Other features are:

You constantly go beyond your limits;

Interest in other hobbies are declining;

You think of everything to get money;

You are no longer concerned with your social contacts.

There are various self-tests to see if a gambling addiction is present. You need to complete this as honestly as possible, so that a fair picture is created.


It is important to stop gambling that you acknowledge the problem and have the will to stop. In the first instance you can make agreements with yourself to stop gambling and try to stop yourself. This is not an easy process, but it is worth trying. Decreasing in steps will make the stopping too heavy. The best method is to stop immediately and keep out anything that has to do with gambling.

Unsubscribe from the Holland casino vs. Arcades.

If you have problems with gambling by going to casinos such as Holland casino, you can deregister. With this you can deregister immediately for all locations. This is a different story for the regular arcades. If you voluntarily deregister there, this is only for the relevant location. Perhaps this will change once the central register deregistering players (CRUKS) is launched. It is not that far yet. Until then, you can choose to visit all the arcades in the immediate area to have you deregister there. Provide a passport photo in color, as this is mandatory.

Stop online gambling.

In addition to being able to gamble in regular casinos, there are also a lot of people who gamble online. This can vary from an addiction in the field of, among other things, sports betting, video slots & table games. The danger lies in anonymity. Nobody realizes that you as a player gamble online. To prevent you as a player from getting yourself into trouble, you can have yourself deregistered at the online casino. This means you can no longer gamble in the casino in question. What also helps is installing software that blocks gambling related websites. An example of this is Gam block.

Other tips are:

Talk to someone about your gambling problem;

Have someone else manage your money;

Avoid situations where you can gamble.

If it is not possible to stop gambling yourself, then it is wisdom to approach one of the aid organizations that specialize in this. Every province has addiction help that you can call. Well-known aid organizations. Every organization has its own methods to ensure that you get rid of gambling. This can be in the form of individual help, group discussions or online help. It helps you to get a grip on not gambling anymore and offers any help for close family. Realize that stopping gambling is a tough process that can be accompanied by insomnia, feeling unhappy and unrest.

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