Inflatable Shark Costume For Halloween

Be the shark of the town this Halloween!

Material: Environmental protection PU coating polyester cloth
Battery: 4 * AA battery 1.5V
Size: height 150-190
Whats in the box: clothing + fan + battery box
Product use: clothing will be equipped with a good fan and a battery box, customers receive after only need to prepare 4 sections AA batteries, put the battery into the battery box, then the normal wear good clothes, turn on the switch to inflated, the inflation rate is very fast, usually about 20 seconds to reach the full effect, after this don’t turn off the fan fan, need ongoing work to maintain the full shape, with a new test battery, almost can be used continuously for 4 hours
Product size: 180*170cm

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Clothing material using 55 grams per square meter of heavy, environmentally friendly PU coating, polyester cloth material, if customers need, you can also use 75 grams of flame retardant fabric production.
Clothing packaging light, easy to carry, anytime, anywhere, easy to wear.