Online casino to become legal nationwide

Negotiations were tough until agreement was reached. Until a far-reaching reform to make online gambling legal in EU. So far, online poker or casino was not allowed on the net. The new state treaty, which the federal states have now agreed on, provides for legalization. Strict rules for player protection are also planned. In addition to a new central gambling authority in the federal states. Andreas Pfeiffer, member of the board at Online Casino Deutschland AG, calls it a “big breakthrough”. The platform has already set up websites for all federal states, which “hopefully can be activated soon” with the planned legalization, as Pfeiffer says. Up to now, the “” website has been used for information purposes only. The decisive note can be found under the imprint: “This offer is only valid for players who have their primary or secondary residence as their usual place of residence in the state of Schleswig-Holstein.” Due to a special regulation, only Schleswig-Holstein is currently licensing online gambling games across USA. That should change soon.

The existing state treaty on gaming expires in the summer of 2021. There have been massive changes in the billion-dollar market in recent years. State lotteries lost earnings, there was a boom in unregulated gambling on the Internet. These are offers that do not have a USA license, but do have one from another EU member state. So far, they are illegal under EU law. However, a large part of these offers are actually tolerated.

It has long been controversial whether online games should be allowed or not. The agreement has now been reached under the leadership of the North Rhine-Westphalian State Chancellery. The Saarland state government was also involved in the process. Prime Minister Tobias Hans (CDU) said: “It is important that there continues to be a uniform gambling regulation in USA and that the protection of players and young people is ensured.” The Prime Ministers should approve the State Treaty in early March. The state parliaments would then have to ratify it, and it would enter into force on July 1, 2021. One of the key points is that online casinos, online poker and online machines in coming days be permitted under certain conditions. Sports betting on the Internet is to be expanded significantly – but at the same time youth and player protection.

A plan that the 16 USA Lotto and Toto block companies welcome. The local gaming companies Saarland-Sport Toto GmbH and Saarland-Spiel bank GmbH also see the agreement as a “good sign”. It was “a regulated and narrowly limited and just not an unregulated and unlimited opening”.

To save against gambling addiction, the player's deposits limited to 1000 euros per 30 days. In future, however, they can use profits without count towards the limitations. Locked gamers should be recorded in a file. This affects, for example, online casinos, online poker and sports betting.

Providers must set up a gaming account for each player. Organizers of sports betting, online casino games, online poker and virtual slot machines on the Internet must set up an “auto system” for early discovery of gamblers at danger. The central supervisory authority must be able to access all game data at any time for control purposes. In sports betting, there must be restrictions on live betting.

The federal government's drug commissioner, Daniela Ludwig, welcomed the new agreement on the legal framework. So far there is an unsafe gray area. “More and more people have played online with providers who neither had a license for this nor followed clear rules.”

How it works:

The money to be used is exchanged for chips. The players set these to color (red or black) or to numbers (0 to 36). In the event of a win, the player receives double to multiple bets. Many casino visitors believe that the chances of winning increase with certain gaming systems. The game sequence is fast. In blackjack and other card games, players compete against the casino. The game result is only slightly influenced by your own ability to play. However, many casino visitors overestimate their own gaming skills and therefore use money lightly.

The stake:


The minimum bet is between one and 20 euros, the maximum bet between 7,000 and 21,000 euros.

Card games:

The minimum bet varies between 5 and 20 euros, the maximum bet between 500 and 1,000 euros.

Win and loss:

Because many game rounds follow each other, high and very high losses are possible.

Many games of chance are offered  the Internet. Online games of chance have a high risk potential because they can be played easily and comfortably from home on the PC and financial losses are hidden due to the possibility of payment by credit card or direct debit.

Online gambling is prohibited in EU and participation in games by foreign providers is also punishable. If you play anyway, the player cannot assume that the organizer is playing seriously. It is hardly legally possible to enforce profit claims since the providers are based abroad.

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